CATALOG NO. B12-1999
Ten lines of Twenty segments scaled


Book open, front side of panels


Book open, rear side of panels

Specifications - Unique Book
10.25 x 5.25" x .75 closed. 7 double sided panels accordion bound.
Panels 5" x 10", extends to 72", digital print and oil on paper.

This book is an experiment with random numbers and scaling. At this time I did many paintings inspired by readings on chaos theory and complex patterns created by chance.
For this book I began with twenty random numbers between 0 and .999 and using several rules created a line that runs through all of the panels in the book.
This line was scaled 10 times in increments of .05 from 1.00 through 1.45.
When these lines are overlaid they produce the complex patterns shown on the panels.
On the reverse side a single line is used as a basis for an abstract idea.