Luminice Press
Artist Book Editions and Broadsides

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The name "Luminice Press" will designate artist books and broadsides that were printed on a new platen press designed and constructed by Thomas Parker Williams.

View of press

View of press

The printing press, also named the Luminice Press, (second version) is a hydraulic-assisted hand press capable of producing 12,000 lbs of total platen pressure on a 10 by 10 inch platen. The bed of the press is a precision ground slab of granite. The press has a unique feature: platen pressure is controlled by high force Belleville springs and a metering system that allows accurate gaging of platen force. This allows printing on many types of papers and other materials with a variety of impression depths.

Luminice Press is the collaborative work of Thomas Parker Williams and Mary Agnes Williams

2017 Artist Book, Reason Belief Truth

Reason Belief Truth

2016 Artist Book, BIG small

BIG small

2016 Artist Book, Hexatonic Prime

Hexatonic Prime

2016 Artist Book, The Free Circle - Improvisations on the Circle of Fifths

The Free Circle
Improvisations on the Circle of Fifths

2015 Artist Book, Seasons

Seasons, 2015

2014 Artist Book, Trees

Trees - A meditation inspired by T'ai Chi 2014

2014 Artist Book, Mariniers Chronicle

A Mariner's Chronicle 2014

2014 Artist Book, Color Code

Color Code. 2014