FEATURED WORK Beats and Solos 10/2023

Beats and Solos 10/2023

This website presents over 100 artist book editions and unique book works completed from 1998 to the present by Thomas Parker Williams and Luminice Press.

Conceptual sources include mathematics, music, literature, theology, design, philosophy, astronomy, history, natural sciences, architecture, and Eastern thought.

Working processes include reduction linocut printing, etching, letterpress printing with hand-set metal type and hand-cut and polymer plates, digital printing, paper cutting, laser cutting, and painting with oil and aqueous media. Some books have movable structures such as multi-panel accordions. Unique structures developed by the artist include the cascading rotary structure used in “Revelation.”

From 1990 to 2009 I completed a mature body of work of 273 paintings; many are in private collections. I began making artist books in 1998, and in 2009 limited my art practice to artist books exclusively. In 2001 I started composing, performing and recording music and sound works as elements of many of my artist books. In addition to music CDs, some of the books also have companion videos.

In 2009 I began collaborating with my wife   Mary Agnes Williams,  a pinhole photographer. In 2013 we started Luminice Press, incorporating letterpress printing in artist books and broadsides. I designed and built a hand press with electronic gauges, also called the Luminice Press. In the information section of this site is a list of more than 70 collections holding copies of work by Thomas Parker Williams or Luminice Press.