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CATALOG NO. B34-2009 Storm Cycle 10-1/2" x 11" closed - 5 oil sketches, accordion bound with painted Tyvek, polycarbonate covers with acrylic resin. - (one of two unique copies)

Storm Cycle is a series of bound oil sketches illustrating stages of a tropical storm. The storm originates at sea, makes landfall and causes flooding and wind damage. This is a companion book to my Constructed Elements painting series that creates abstract representations of virtual constructed realities incorporating ephemeral forms - wind, cloud formations, waves - and the inevitable conditions produced by the forces of nature when ancient elemental balances are disturbed.

Book Open

Book Open with box

The first oil sketch as seen through the polycarbonate cover

The  Screen

The second and third oil sketches

Box Detail

The forth and fifth oil sketches

Screen Detail