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CATALOG NO. B18-2000-10
Number Box
- 7" x 74" open - 6 hinged triple-pane panels, wood frames with enamel and ink on Mylar - wood box 5" x 12" x 8"

Permanent Collection - University of Miami

Book Open with box

Within a framework of hinged panels, Number Box constructs a series of lines made of polygons arranged on six triple-pane transparent screens. The polygons were derived from a grid of numbers that changed order on every line. The scale of each set of four polygons, 4 sets per line, was determined by applying a simple formula to each set of numbers.

Book Open with box

The Screen

The  Screen

The Box Detail

Box Detail

View through two screen segments

Screen Detail

Polygon lines - Note that the orientation of each alternate line is reversed vertically.