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Venezia a febbraio

CATALOG NO. B66-2015
Vessel of Secrets

6.25 x 7.25 x 7.5 closed
13.5 x 20 x 2.8 fully open
Structure: No. 1 -Binding board and Tyvek, No. 2 Aluminum and Tyvek. Exterior panels: Embossed copper sheet with patina. Twelve paintings in alkyd medium and dry pigments . on paper structures outlined with Venetian marbled paper. Digital printed text.
Edition of 2

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Permanent collection - Baylor University, Libraries, Special Collections

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Vessel of Secrets was inspired by "The Nature of Things" written
c. 50 BC by the Roman philosopher and poet Lucretius.

The shape of this vessel is a dodecahedron, a twelve sided perfect solid, which represented the universe in the ancient world. From “The Nature of Things” I distilled twelve ideas, or secrets, I consider to represent some of the fundamental ways the universe functions. The ideas deal with the physical sciences, biology and philosophy, and are personal observations.

Each of the twelve secrets is represented by an embossed copper plate on the exterior of the structure and a paper pyramid supporting a miniature painting on the interior of each side. The rear of each pyramid structure contains the text of the secret.

The structure is held closed by small powerful magnets and can be easily opened when rotated to the proper angle. Once opened the entire structure can be flattened for display or partially flattened to show exterior and interior surfaces.

Vessel of Secrets partially open

Vessel of Secrets partially open

Vessel of Secrets fully open

Vessel of Secrets - Secret 1

Vessel of Secrets - Secret 2

Vessel of Secrets - Secret 3

Vessel of Secrets - Secret 4

Vessel of Secrets - Secret 5

Vessel of Secrets - Secret 6

Vessel of Secrets - Secret 7

Vessel of Secrets - Secret 8

Vessel of Secrets - Secret 9

Vessel of Secrets - Secret 10

Vessel of Secrets - Secret 11

Vessel of Secrets - Secret 12