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CATALOG NO. B75a-2016
Spiral Dome: Proposed Steel Sculpture

Spiral Dome Watercolor Illustration

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The image above and following pages show preliminary drawings for a permanent Spiral Dome installation 45 feet in diameter and 23 feet, 4 inches high. The base of the structure would be a poured concrete slab with anchor bolts for each rib.

The rib design defines the structure. The nineteen ribs are made of welded structural angle and steel plate. Although the base of the ribs and the bracing members remain the same size, the rib radii increment by a factor of 1.014 for each rib. RIB DETAIL, RIB PLAN

The following page shows the top spiral ring connecting all of the ribs; also depicted are the inner and outer panel segments. Made of thin steel plate, the panels increment in size along with the ribs. The inner panels attach to the inside radius of each rib and seams between panels would be filled to provide a smooth surface. Exterior panels overlap at each rib for a scalloped effect on the outside of the Dome.

Ideally, the structure would be oriented with the entrance facing south, preferably on a raised mound with a spiral concrete access ramp. The bracing at the bottom of the sculpture surrounds the Dome and measures 3 feet, 10 inches high. In early morning light, this part of the structure can produce dramatic patterns inside the Spiral Dome.

Spiral Dome Book Cover

Spiral Dome South Elevation

Spiral Dome Rib Detail

Spiral Dome Rib Plan

Spiral Dome Interior Exterior Panels, Top Spiral Ring

Spiral Dome Sun Patterns

Spiral Dome Inside View