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Sea Open

CATALOG NO. B27-2006-9
Constructed Elements - Sea

8" x 10" Closed - Block print cover with hand cut pages and embossed copper sheet
Edition of 50

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The Artist Book "Constructed Elements - Sea" is part of a body of work investigating natural forces. in this case, I used ocean wave forecasting techniques developed by the U.S. Navy to construct a virtual sea defined as waves arising from storm winds) and illustrated this sea's various wave heights and wave distributions as produced by a 30-knot wind. The cover and inside drawing illustrate the wave forms produced by such wind conditions. The cut paper shows the relative heights of waves expected to occur. The embossed copper sheet, printed with an incised plastic plate on an etching press, is a scale model (bird's-eye view) of the distribution of waves, according to the rules of the forecasting technique, in a two-mile by two-mile area of ocean.

Copies are in private collections




Copper Page