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CATALOG NO. B29-2008

5"x 9-3/4" closed
One - two sided Linocut Print 23-1/2" long
Three silver prints
Hand cut cover
Edition of 14

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Copies are in private collections

Rollercoaster explores the forms of an old style, wood rollercoaster that I photographed in Wildwood New Jersey in 1996.

The two sided linocut print was made by first coloring both sides of the paper with two different oil based grounds. Two separate blocks were cut to print the images.

The cover was hand cut on an electric saw. The photographs were printed on pearl, resin coated paper from 4 x 5 negatives.


Linocut Print - first side

Linocut Print - second side

Title Page

Silverprint 1

Silverprint 2

Silverprint 3