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Garden Cover

CATALOG NO. B24-2004-1

A Zen Rock Garden
5" x 13" Ink on paper 4 pages plus title page and hand cut cover - Edition of 50 with music CD - Part of Garden, a multi-part work
Stand Alone Music CD - Open Edition
Total Time: 32 min.

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Garden, a multi-part work, is based on the concept of a Japanese Zen rock garden. Responding to a call for entries for a sound works show, I became intrigued with the concept and decided to expand into a series about the Garden, adding an artist book and fifteen paintings to the music. Through all three media, I explored the Garden's basic elements - a rectangular low wall, raked gravel, iconic stones - and their relationships in time and space.

Artist Book, Edition of 50 Each artist book features fifteen unique brushed ink drawings on paper that I embossed in various patterns to mimic the Garden's raked gravel. I hand cut a multi-layered cover so it could be closed in a variety of ways. Each book includes a music CD.

Music Several layers of percussion form the foundation of a seventeen-section original music composition. Between Entry and Exit music, the percussion supports woodwind solos representing a journey to the fifteen stones. All of the music was performed and recorded by the artist.

Audio - Creative Commons License
Garden by Thomas Parker Williams is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.
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