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CATALOG NO. B32-2009

10-1/2"x 8" x 1" assembled
Free standing paper sculpture
with 5 double sided, cut-out
reduction linocut prints
with metal base and case
Edition of 50

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Copies are in private collections
Permanent collections - St Ambrose University
Print and Picture Collection, Parkway Central Library - Philadelphia, PA
Pacific University Library - Smithsonian Institution Libraries

Cumulus is an interactive study of cloud forms with five parts that can be assembled in any order. Each part is printed with one side in fair weather colors and the other representing storm clouds. Fair weather and storm sides can be intermixed to provide even more variation. The metal base provides five slots to hold the prints.

Storm cloud side

Metal Base

Case open

Print No. 1 - Fair Weather

Print No. 1 - Storm Clouds

Print No. 2 - Fair Weather

Print No. 2 - Storm Clouds

Print No. 3 - Fair Weather

Print No. 3 - Storm Clouds

Print No. 4 - Fair Weather

Print No. 4 - Storm Clouds

Print No. 5 - Fair Weather

Print No. 5 - Storm Clouds