Collaborative Artist Books with the Delaware Valley Chapter of the Guild Of Book Workers



The Atlas Imagined: A Collaborative Project

Maps fold to 8-1/2" x 5-1/2"
Box with paper sculpture - By Thomas Parker Williams

DVC Members participating - Reed Apostol, Alice Austin, Alicia Bailey, Kristin Balmer, Gerri Black, Ruth Scott Blackson, Henry Blanco White, Amanda Bock, Elena Bouvier, Denise Carbone, Dee Collins, Beth Curren, James Engelbart, Donna Globus, Sharon Hildebrand, Susannah Horrom, Andrew Huot, Sabrena Johnson, Meg Kennedy, Becky Koch, Andrea Krupp, Dana Kull, Hedi Kyle, Madeline Lambelet, Karen Lightner, Emily Martin, Lane Miller, Lesley Mitchell, Frances Osugi, Todd Pattison, Mary Phelan, Maria G. Pisano, Rosae Reeder, Maryann Riker, Jennifer Rosner, Jon Snyder, Adrienne Stalek, Eriko Takahashi, Thomas Parker Williams & Mary Agnes Williams

Each member produced a map in an edition of 43 that had to fold to 8-1/2" x 5-1/2" and a binding or box to hold the collected maps

Atlas box closed

Box closed

Atlas box open showing paper sculpture

Paper Sculpture

The Atlas Page - Linocut image, illustration, and concept by Thomas Parker Williams
Text and concept by Mary Agnes Williams

The Atlas page