Travelers No. 1 and 2 video

CATALOG NO. B43 2011
Traveler No. 1

Traveler No. 1

Specifications Unique Book
6-3/4" (9-1/4" deep including hand wheel) x 10-1/4" wide x 4-1/4" high
Original scroll ink drawings 3-1/2" by 140" on Tyvek, wood and aluminum, mechanical reel system and hand wheel

Private collection

Also see Traveler No. 1 Edition

The Travelers are book objects with unique scroll drawings that are viewed through the windows on the top panels and move as the hand wheels are turned. The viewer travels through imaginary landscapes as if in a moving vehicle, viewing an ever changing horizon

Traveler No. 1 The journey starts in a wooded area, moves over land, mountains, and into the sea, passes an island and comes to rest on a shore.

If desired, journeys can be viewed in reverse.

The continuous images for both Travelers were drawn directly on the scrolls without preparatory studies or photographic reference. See the video demonstration to see the works in action.