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The Portable Document Experiment

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3 Meters by Thomas Parker Williams is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License

SOUNDCLOUD - Complete composition

Three Meters is an experiment with rhythm.

The structured rhythm of Meter Number 1 is composed in 11/8 time divided 3,3,2,3 - 3,3,3,2 and 4,4,3. A drum machine beat establishes the framework which is augmented with played tom toms, piano and bass. These patterns are repeated as indicated on the written score and provide the foundation for the improvised saxophone, electric piano, snare drum and ride cymbal.

The structured rhythm of Meter Number 2 is composed in a two measure phrase of 7/8 divided 4,3 and 3,4 with an overlayed rhythm of 16/8. These two time signatures, played at the same tempo of 240 eigth notes per minute, interact to form complex patterns. The two measure drum machine pattern provides the framework. A 4 measure timbale part divided 3,4 is locked to the 7/8 drum machine. The following parts, tom toms, piano, french horn, and three saxophones, are all in 16/8 and start and repeat as indicated on the score. This combination of interacting rhythms provides the foundation for the improvised piano, berimbau and shaker.

The structured rhythm of Meter Number 3 is composed in 6/8 and allows plenty of space for the improvised rhythms of bongos, cowbell, blocks, spoons, soprano saxophone and a keyboard pad to create complex interactions. The composition ends with a 32 bar pastoral passage in the same tempo as the rest of the composition.

Composition, performance (all instruments) and recording, Thomas Parker Williams
copyright 2022 Thomas Parker Williams

The music may be heard by scanning the QR code on the printed PDF file or in the video above.