CATALOG NO. B117 -2024
Beats and Solos 12/2023

Beats and Solos 12/2023 in case

Beats and Solos 12/2023 slip case and book open

Specifications - unique book
6 double sided triangular panels hinged to open to a hexagon.
Closed - 10" x 12" x 1/4", Open x
Media: First side - Acrylic ink, markers and colored pencil.
Second side - Dry pigments in alkyd medium and acrylic inks.
Paper – Strathmore 400 series Acrylic
Case - Paper slip case painted with the same media as the work
All artwork, music composition, drum programming, recording and performance (all instruments)
by Thomas Parker Williams

Beats and Solos 12/2023 by Thomas Parker Williams is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License

SOUNDCLOUD - Complete composition

Transcriptions is a subset of the Wordless – Painted and Drawn Narratives series.

Beats and Solos 12/2023 is a visual transcription of a composition, composed and recorded in December 2023, featuring music created like a DJ or electronic music performance with jazz inspired solos on saxophones and electronic wind instrument. The work is in 6/8 meter.

The first side of the artist book is an accurate visual transcription, through time, of the musical arrangement assigning colors and shapes to the various instruments in the musical work.The drawing is divided into 41 sections arranged in a clockwise rotation. Each division is 21.6 seconds long and illustrates the time period of 18, 6/8 measures. This is the rhythmic base for the entire 14 minute 45 second composition. The shapes mark the accurate time and duration of instruments in the work.

Colors were assigned as follows:
Dark blue, browns, orange and grays - Drums and rhythm instruments
Green, lighter blue, red, violet and yellows - keyboard instruments
Ocher and yellow - Electronic wind instrument
Gold and copper - Saxophones

The second side is an abstract representation of possible moods suggested by the music as it progresses through the five sections. The video contains the complete composition and the drawings.

Beats and Solos 12/2023 side 1 open

Beats and Solos 12/2023 side 1 open

Beats and Solos 12/2023 side 2 open

Beats and Solos 12/2023 side 2 open

Beats and Solos 12/2023 case second side

Beats and Solos 12/2023 slip case second side