CATALOG NO. B104-2021

12 fully open

Procession, in case

12 in slip case


12 in slip case

Procession, open

Specifications - unique book
Book – 8” x 16” closed, 9 panels on hot press watercolor paper with tear resistant paper hinges. Accordion bound
Book opens to 144 inches
Mediums - Dry pigments in alkyd medium, oil based enamels, acrylic inks, watercolors and colored pencil.
Case – 9.5” x 17.5” x .75 with hand painted title on polycarbonate cover

Original music composition, composed, performed and recorded by Thomas Parker Williams
All artwork, case and binding by Thomas Parker Williams

Procession is a visual essay with an original music composition.

When the hate is consumed by the fire
all can dance.

Panels, scroll to the right to see all of the panels.