CATALOG NO. B102-2021

Tricorne case

Tricorne case

Specifications - unique book
Book – 14” x 12.25” closed, 4 movable panels on cold press watercolor paper and drawing paper with tear resistant paper hinges.
Book opens to 28.25 x 24.75.
Mediums - Dry pigments in alkyd medium, acrylic inks, calligraphy ink, watercolors and colored pencil.
Case - 14.5” x 13” x .75 davey board with paper, Washi paper and Tyvek binding

Original music composition, composed, performed and recorded by Thomas Parker Williams
All artwork, case and binding by Thomas Parker Williams

Tricorne is a visual essay with an original music composition.

Inside and outside panels unfolded

Tricorn inside panels unfolded

Tricorne outside panels unfolded